Formula for building



CALCULATIONS for CONSTRUCTION  in selected measurment units. 


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In this application more than 150 formulas and tables is used.  The range of calculations will be continuously expanded. You can submit your suggestions what calculations for the construction you need. The application is defined by dynamic change of units. You can fill in one units of measurments and get the results in another selected units. There are about 300 units possible. Along with more complex calculations you will find a drawing. Calculation results can be saved to make a template for the next calculation. The calculation results are always with you. Minimum data should be entered for the next calculation.Calculations in selected units needed for the construction. The most popular shape, diagonal, perimeter, area, volume formulas and calculations.
Concreting Plastering Masonry calculation Tiles, paving tiles quantity Filling the gap Concrete composition Gap calculation Niches calculation Stair-step calculation Plasterboard Calculation of the slope Measurements Calculation of proportions Paint consumption calculation Soil volume while digging a pond Pipe diagonal cutting height Electricity Heating Ventilation Quantity Area Volume Weight Price Currency calculation Areas volumes of geometric shapes Rectangle Right triangle Circle Triangle Parallelogram Trapezoid Ellipse Cone Truncated Cone Sphere Prism Pyramid Truncated Pyramid Wall area calculation Area calculation Length calculation Water and air delivered by the heat Heater selection Fan selection Voltage Current Power Resistance Cord diameter Calculation of cord diameter Material for wall structure Material for partition Material for ceilings Decoration materials